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About Us

Senko Industry engages in three branches industries after years running:

1. Building and decoration materials

Senko Industry involved in producing and supplying building and decoration materials since 2007, mainly in:

Interior wall: Drywall, MGO board, studs and tracks, joint tapes, drywall screws, etc.

Exterior wall: Fiber cement board, calcium silicate board, cement siding board, cement cladding board, fiberglass mesh, etc.

Ceilings system: Gypsum ceiling, mineral fiber ceiling, mineral wool ceiling, ceiling grids

Sandwich board: Roofing sandwich panel, MGO EPS sandwich panel, Cement board EPS sandwich panel, FRP sandwich panel, HPL sandwich panel, etc.

2. Office products

Senko Industry also engages in manufacturing whiteboards, chalkboards and supplying related accessories, including magnetic whiteboards, magnetic chalkboards, non-magnetic whiteboards, glass whiteboards, cork boards, notice boards, display board, etc.

Senko Industry develops in acrylic resin coated steel coil producing, with the best writing and erasing quality, which represent the high quality level in the market, mainly in white for whiteboards, green for chalkboards, black for chalkboards, the matt surface also can be used for projection whiteboards.

3. Polyurethane products

Senko Industry engages in researching, designing, and producing polyurethane foam products, including polyurethane integral skin foam, polyurethane micro-cell foam, rigid polyurethane products, semi---rigid polyurethane products, polyurethane elastomer products, etc.

Senko Industry is consumer oriented, only supply high quality products, with positive attitude and professional service. With you, we are developing all the time.